To management

EG School add value to the school’s image by showing the parents that you care for the security of their children. It will also reduce irregularities and bunks of the students. The system will help the authority to simplify the whole administration work, save resources and time.

1. Low Cost of Ownership.
2. Anywhere Availability – Internet or Intranet with Automatic Synchronization.
3. Every day school gets automatic attendance report via hard and soft copy.
4. Free student Identity card for each student.*
5. Free Employee Attendance system with payroll management software.
6. Free SMS templates with Unlimited Bulk SMS for School to sent for alert about holiday, notice, event etc.
7. Schools can track their valuable vehicle position, speed and lot more by using our School bus tracking system.
8. Schools can use Library management system.
9. Automatic sent SMS to parents after every successful payment and reminder for payments.
10. One click Inventory management software.
11. School gets report about paid fees due payment list and lot more. (Hyper link to software page).
12.We advertise your school profile in our worldwide most popular website.

To students/Parents

Thousands of students go missing from school in India every year. In nearly all these cases, the student did not report to school, or left school in time to not return home and we never knew of this until it was very late…If the parents or the school authorities could have known in time that the untoward delay/ absence of reporting is unnatural, we could have stopped the tragedy. In our RFID attendance system the Parents will get the notification SMS at least twice in a day so they can relax and concentrate on their work. The Digital Attendance system is fully designed for Child Safety and tracking Purpose.

1. Tracking of homework assigned by teacher to their child.
2. Frequent interaction with teachers.
3. Prior information via instant SMS alert for holiday, notice, event etc..
4. Reliable update on child's attendance, progress report and fee payment.
5. Active participation in school activities.
6. Parents also track the school bus position.
7. Improved relationship and communication between school authorities and parents.